Take control of your body.

Update your daily routine with the latest technology

This project is based on a redesign of a fitness monitoring tower

Keep track of your entire exercise routine

ComboFit has multiple sensors that help us monitor our physical activity in multiple disciplines. This allows us to maintain a routine in our exercises in a more safe and effective way.

Redesigned of a previous model

Our client provided us with their current design and asked us to create a roof-focused redesign.

The previous model was outdated and clearly lacking in terms of installation efficiency. We therefore had to carry out a redesign of the product, without completely changing its shape and fabrication. That is why we have decided to "update" the design of the product, taking advantage of the current manufacturing processes of the previous model but with enhancing the efficiency.

01. The Flying Roof

For this proposal, we designed a flying roof top made from wood. This wood roof top is made with a specific organic shape that enhances the resistance of the exterior. From the users point of view, we created a flying effect, thanks to the anchors design.

About Apartment

Luxury Apartments
5678 Seltice Way Coeur D Alene

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Living Room
Master Bathroom
186 Sq. Ft.
132 Sq. Ft.
59 Sq.Ft
73 Sq. Ft.
1034 Sq. Ft.
1242 Sq. Ft.
2276 Sq.Ft

02. The Cable Roof

For the second proposal, we went in a more industrial way. Instead of hiding the main anchors, we designed a visible principal anchor. That anchor is attached to the combo fit structure with a series of thin cables.

03. The Organic Roof

On this last proposal, we designed a roof top entirely made by an organic shape. This solution has the "double curvature" form. We used it due to its great natural resistance and efficiency. Fitting perfectly with the main ComboFit structure.

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