Bellino Kindergarten

A kindergarten with a natural touch

Simplicity and nature defines our design

Bellino International Baby is a kindergarten located in the city of Shenzhen, China. This project is still under development, as we are building more kindergartens under the same name and design.

For this project we have taken care of all the design phases, both in the architectural field, the interior design, the design of the graphic image, uniforms, etc.

Focused on the care of the littles ones.

All the elements designed for this space have been selected based on their organic nature. In other words, we have prioritised the use of natural materials and created soft and organic shapes.

We have developed the design in all phases. Starting from the conceptual design, going through architectural plan, interior design, graphic identity, and much more.

Likewise, under the principles of Nordic design, we integrate all these elements in a minimalist way, but with functionality as the primary target.

Enhancing imagination.

We deeply believe in the importance of giving kids their own space for creating fantasy worlds. Therefore, in each classroom, we have built special Play Houses that invite to enhance their imagination and have an extraordinary experience while learning.

About the project

Classrooms, Play areas,
Theater, Activity areas ...

For this project, we have developed its design in all its phases. Starting from the conceptual design, going through the design of the architectural plan, the subsequent design of its interior, as well as the entire graphic image, uniforms, promotional objects ...

Play areas
Activity area
Total Surface
400 Sq.m
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