Honey Comb Playground


Contemporary playground for modern times.

Bringing style into playgrounds

Trendy playground for modern times.

Playgrounds with style

This playground is a play tower designed to fit in multiple locations.

The custom form of the main structure, allows us to adapt the hexagon modules in different ways every time.

This play tower is the result of combining simplicity and functionality in design for public playgrounds.

Nature's resources

As a reference for the design of the main structure, we have used the honeycomb shape.

In our design process we find inspiration in every situation. And for this project, we were inspired by one of nature’s resources that has been among us for centuries.

The honeycomb shape allows us to combine the modules in a simple and effective way. In this way, we obtain better performance when installing our product in multiple spaces.

Modular Design

This design allows us to adapt the distribution of the modules to different scenarios. In the same way, we can establish separate and interconnected blocks of modules.

  • Easy adaptable
  • Improve efficiency and cost
  • Create unique combinations for unique spaces
About the project

Get lost in the maze

The distribution of the hexagonal modules, is based on the main design concept: “encouraging children to explore”.The main goal is to create a game where kids explore the different experiences between the inside and the outside of the honeycomb.

Rope Net
Spider Net
all space
Night mode
all space
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