Panda Park


Play and learn at the same time

A natural playground with the environment in mind,

It is a park designed for large open spaces, such as amusement parks, large playgrounds, etc.

The purpose of this park is to encourage contact with nature and learning by playing. Therefore, we have established a specific theme for the park, “The Panda’s Village”.

We have also taken the essential forms of the panda and its habitat as reference to design the shape of each element of the park. That is why we have used the shape of bamboo as a connecting link in the design. Not only taking its shape, but its colours and textures to create a more recognized and familiar environment.

Natural Environment

We have used natural materials for most of the elements that make up the park. The use of wood as the main element gives us a natural and rustic finish at the same time.

We have designed 6 different types of houses as well as a main central house. By combining thesehouses in different heughts and sizes, we achieve the ''Village'' effect.

The houses have benn positioned in a way that invites you to a new experience every time you enter the park.

Interactive Panda

As the most recognizable element of the park we have designed a large interactive wooden panda.

With the same concept of encouraging the exploration of the little ones, we have designed an internal structure with different floors, from which we access different play facilities, such as slides, or climbing rocks.

  • Play inside and outside
  • Multiple entries and exits
  • Climbing rocks
  • Climbing Net
  • Multiple slides
  • Lookout post

About the project

Explore the village

We have designed multiple facilities for this playground. Including, the 6 different houses, all the connections between them, the inside of each house. As well as the interactive Panda and wide range of obstacle courses insipred by bamboo shape. Finally we also designed some common play areas.

Exercise items
Interactive items
Other play items
Total surface
600 sqm
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